Robin Frisella PSA-MP

Robin Frisella PSA-MP

Realistic pastel still life artist. 

Imagination Moves the Mind: The Healing Power of Art

Robin's painting Mother's Day has been selected for permanent installation at Mt. Ascutney Hospital.

 Tulips 5, 2/3/09, 11:41 AM, 16C, 5498x7214 (268+785), 100%, art 2,  1/40 s, R97.3, G79.9, B108.0

Thanks to a generous donation from the Susan Sebastian Foundation of Waterbury, Vermont it was possible for Mt. Ascutney Hospital in Windsor, VT to purchase original art for all 35 patient rooms.

Tragically, Ms. Sebastian spent too much time in various hospitals prior to her death in 2009, and her mother, Elise Braun, of Waterbury, Vermont, shared that experience with her daughter. While both women stated they had often seen compelling artwork in the halls and reception areas of the hospitals they frequented, Susan complained to her mother that, “there are plenty of beautiful pictures in the hospitals, but none in the patients’ rooms.” After Susan’s death, Mrs. Braun decided to honor her daughter’s memory by providing original artwork to adorn the walls of patient rooms in hospitals throughout Vermont. She established the Susan Sebastian Foundation to accomplish this mission. To date, the Foundation has made gifts of art to several Vermont hospitals, including UVM Medical Center (Burlington), Northwester Medical Center (St. Albans), Grace Cottage Hospital (Townsend), Gifford Medical Center (Randolph), Porter Hospital (Middlebury) and now, Mt. Ascutney Hospital.